Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Molecule project - NYC

Molecule is a new store in the East Village. The owners of Molecule— Alex Venet and Adam Ruhf - had the idea of selling New York City tap water (!) transformed in pure H20. You can go into the store to get a to-go drink, re-fill bottles and jugs. 
Molecule’s mission is to change the way we drink and think about water.
"We are a new kind of business for New York City, filling a need for clean and sustainable water. We are hyper-filtering local tap water down to its original and pure form, the H20 molecule, leaving pure, healthy, and tasty water. We encourage customers to Re-Use and Re-Fill containers and end the cycle of waste associated with bottled water. We also provide the opportunity to add vitamins, minerals, and plant-based supplements to our perfectly pure water. "
Address: 259 East 10th Street - New York 10009 

neat-0 bike ready for deliveries to the east village

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