Monday, November 12, 2012

sister MAG - Issuu 4

SisterMAG is a new digital magazine for widely interested, active women. It will cover topics ranging from Career, Technology, Future Trends to Fashion, Lifestyle, Traveling and DIY. "Women's magazines have always mirrored social movements and developments in their content and foci of coverage. SisterMAG  want to target a group of females which has been neglected by traditional publishing houses and editorial departments: the many up-and-coming, well-educated, very active and independent women, which are enthusiastic for the digital world and want to be presented with new and exciting content in a visually appealing way."
SisterMAG wants to create a community of ambitious, like-minded and individual women, who want to inspire and help each other as well as enjoy each others company – whether it is in the digital or analogue world. SisterMAGAZINE is the idea of the sisters Toni and Thea. The magazine is an online flip-through magazine with content exclusively created and assembled for the digital purpose. The first issue launched on 24th February 2012. They are planning a 2 months publication schedule with a german and an english version. 
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Amsterdam - sustainability and green living - read it here

 Amsterdam - sustainability and green living - read it here
Banana and ginger smoothie. Photo by Chris Santos

Sacher cake glazed with fondant by Claudia Wurzinger

Wonderful idea for the cover of the 4th issuu

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