Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Society – Limonta – Italian textiles

The most intriguing stories often start with a question. “Why not create something for ourselves, when all we have created so far has been solely for others?” The rumination is that of Limonta, a firm that started life in 1893 in Costamasnaga, near Lecco, an area with one of the longest textile manufacturing traditions in Europe. Limonta has worked in the clothing, furnishing, sports, and automobile sectors. Answering to the previous question, Limonta has formed in 2000, Society, a special firm driven by the desire to try out innovative solutions in home couture.
Society selects the best fibres from linen to wool and unearths those that perhaps nobody any longer uses, such as manila hemp. Thanks to the production capacity of the Limonta Group, Society can now produce “in house” flat-weave and jacquard-weave fabrics, velvets and terry cloth, and much else, and take the time to try out new combinations and mixes never yet tried. This is a real luxury to afford today.

Let’s take “whole-product dyeing”. This is a dyeing technique in which fabrics are assembled in unprocessed form and then dyed in the “dye bath”, without any mechanized drive. The result is a natural, spontaneous imperfection that confers on each single item a distinctly “used” appearance and, at the same time, makes it shrink resistant to every wash. In this way, every tablecloth and every bed sheet has a unique colour shade that marks it out from any other. This feature increases the scope to combine, mix, and create differences and unusual colour contrasts. It is Society that thought of them, but the creativity is left to you.

Society's range of products includes: table, bedroom, bathroom, accessories, clothing, baby.

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