Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birba by Marco Maran for Parri

Designed by Marco Maran hand produced by the Italian manufacturer Parri, BIRBA is a soft collection with an informal appearance and an eclectic soul.
A one centimetre thick big plastic zip runs, along the perimeter and marks the upper and bottom borders as well as the back and front. Around the zip a soft , gorgeous , loose-fitting padding is developing. Thousands of foam polystyrene spheres are filling a lively, colourful fabric outer cover, and the zip detail catches the eyes with contrasting colours.
BIRBA is armchair, day bed, chaise-longue; children cot or easy chair; suitable both for domestic
and outdoor spaces, subject to the upholstery used. In fact , a heavy fabric and woollen cloth are used for internal use while for the outdoor spaces it is possible to have high-technological polyurethane material, which is water and UVA resistant. The lining is in water repellent cotton.

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