Friday, March 15, 2013

Restaurant Radio in Copenhagen by HolmbäckNordentoft

Restaurant Radio in Copenhagen (Frederiksberg) was designed by HolmbäckNordentoft in collaboration with Christina Meyer Bengtsson.

"For the first time since the opening of Noma in 2003, I  have opened a new restaurant by the name Radio together with foodmates, partners and headchefs Jesper Kirketerp and Rasmus Kliim.
The main idea behind this restaurant was to have talented people with great attitude cook and serve vegetable based modern Nordic food at accessible prices, in an unprentious contemporary urban  setting.
The majority of the produce used in the restaurant stems from our own organic vegetable field just outside Copenhagen. This allows us to honour the "from farm to table" principle; we grow what we want to serve and we constantly learn from the interaction with our vegetable growers. This way, seasonality and linkedness to nature, some of the core values of the New Nordic Cuisine, also become very concrete to us all. We also try to create more intimate relations with fishermen and hunters.
Growing more than a hundred different crops gives us access to vegetables of an immense diversity of flavours, colours and textures. Our vegetable approach is first and foremost about how we prefer to eat ourselves. It's a matter of hedonism.
That being said, it is also about ethics! Bjarke Ingels, our young vibrant architect, would call it "hedonistic sustainability". Eating more vegetables and less meat is a precondition for individual health and a sustainable future, considering the growth in the world's population and climate change. Radio would like to encourage people to assume a greater responsibility by introducing them to all the wonders of plant-based food. And maybe even to become co-producers such as the forty families who have rented their own little piece of land from us and grow their own vegetables side by side with us."
Claus Meyer, owner.

Restaurant Radio

Julius Thomsens Gade, 1632 Copenaghen
+45 25 10 27 33

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