Thursday, October 17, 2013

Studio You Me / 2: The Drifters Table - Identity Design

Behind Studio You Me there are two creative women (and friend):  Kestie Lane and Hana Hakim. Their works portfolio extend beyond interior projects (we saw Brighton Residence yesterday) to graphic, event, urban, furniture and product design.
So this time, I want to highlight the brand identity that the studio designed for The Drifter Table.
I find it so elegant and cool, isn't it? 

"The Drifter Table is a bevy of three like-minded hardworking chefs who are taking the pop up restaurant movement in Melbourne by storm.
Studio You Me wanted create a brand that was dynamic and edgy but also have a sense of establishment to mark it’s longevity and to set them well apart from the norm.

The brand is designed using an elegant stone backdrop and a cool custom crafted font, the iconic compass design gives the brand its strength and a reference to pioneering new culinary territories.

Like the three collaborators, the brand has a cheeky side reflecting the personalities of the chefs, with quirky anecdotes and phrases on the matchbooks and menus to get the dinner conversation started."

Life is too short to design anything less than extraordinary.

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