Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Tietgenkollegiet in Copenhagen

I finally found my photos of the Tietgenkollegiet (The Tietgen Residence Hall), one of my favourite buildings in Copenhagen.
It is a dormitory for students where I would live immediately if I had the possibility. It makes me want to be a student again!

The Tietgenkollegiet was designed by Danish architects Lundgaard and Tranberg in 2006. The circular shape encloses a green courtyard; functional beautiful communal spaces are located at the ground floor (cafĂ©, study room, laundry, conference facilities, function hall and a bicycle park) while the upper levels host private rooms along the perimeter and common spaces (kitchen, living and utilities room) looking at the inner courtyard. 
The apartments are set at differing depths in an alternating rhythm, which expresses the individual's unique identity through its form and gives the exterior form of the building it's characteristic, crystalline expression and neutralises the possibly monumental shape of the cylindrical space. (...)

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