Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas - Inspiration and DIY - 5: Laura's Christmas Paper Bags

This is a nice and easy way to pack your gifts. I followed WikiHow's tutorial to make my paper bag. It's very easy. I started with a piece of brown paper of cm 42 x 24, and I got a bag large cm 15 x cm 5,5 side x cm 18,5 height. You can make different sizes bags ready to use also at the last minute.
You will need:
- Brown paper
- Black cardboard (I recycled black pieces of pages from old catalogs)
- A colored stripe (I used Snomys from Ikea)
- Scissors and/or cutter, glue/tape, a ruler, a pencil, a puncher.
- A silver or gold marker pen to write your wishes on the black paper tag.

To make my tree tag, I cut a rectangle of black cardboard (choosing a piece of the catalog page that was black on both sides). I folded the rectangle in two and I started to cut out my tree starting from the edge that has to be on the folded side of the black cardboard. Take care of not making a too pointed hedge but leave 1 cm at least on the fold (to keep the two shapes together). Then punch it!

 ....and, with left pieces of my old catalogs' pages, I cut other decorations for my Christmas wrapping. I like to cut them without following a model so I can get more irregular shapes.

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