Friday, May 30, 2014

Sander Bullynck | Graphic Design

Sander Bullynck is a Belgian graphic designer and type-addict.

"I could say I’m always very motivated, eager to learn and a hard worker. Though I am, these are things that don’t mean a thing if I don’t get a chance to prove them to you. (so wise)
So what am I about then? I love graphic design. That’s one important thing. I like type design even more. I like details. I like boundaries. I like thinking about what the target group is and what it wants. I like black and white.
And I love the feel of printed matter."
Visit Sander's beautiful work here.

UP: Book about the Parisian city architect Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann - Taschen ed. The dust jacket has been lasercut to reproduce the old plan of Paris.

UP: Book dedicated to An Pierlé's - Belgian pianist and composer - two years in Ghent.

UP: Goodies box for Typemotion - fictive community devoted to beautiful handlettered typography - containing: a little book on how to paint signs for real, a little sketchbook, a stack of flyers, a window marker, a lettering brush and a tape measure.

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