Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Viabizzuno lighting | Milano

UP: 13°angolo, led suspension, designed by Mario Nanni and Alessandro Fantetti + LibrO' Parete Soffitto (on the wall) by Marco Zito and Mario Nanni.

Under the creative direction of the genial Mario Nanni, Viabizzuno presented the new lighting design projects in the laboratorio di luce (lighting studio) of via Solferino in Milano, during last design week.

UP: Royal Grand Chandelier + Barra d'oro by Peter Zumthor | Anselmo by Mario Nanni.

UP: Tubino table by Mario Nanni 2014

UP: Men sole - shelving units with led lighting - by Mario Nanni. Each shelf can be moved without the need for loose wires or connection plugs | 13°angolo, designed by Mario Nanni and Alessandro Fantetti.

UP: Royal Grand Chandelier, designed for the CafĂ© Royal in London by David Chipperfield and Mario Nanni.

Outdoor lounge of the laboratorio di luce Viabizzuno, via Solferino 18, Milano | Serpentine

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