Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anne Boenisch and Steffen Schellenberger

KARATCrystalline lighting - Design Anne Boenisch
Resembling crystalline forms, the purist lighting collection KARAT, designed by  Anne Boenisch, features different geometrically folded aluminium sheets. Acryl glass plates connecting the edges allow for light to be transported to the outside and thereby emphasize the crystalline form of KARAT.
The inner surface of the aluminium sheets are anodized in gold so that a warm light radiates from KARATs interior creating a contrast to the lacquered outer surfaces. KARAT is held by an aluminium pillar resting on a circular pedestal.
PUT,  side table, by Steffen Schellenberger
PUT, designed by Steffen Schellenberger, visually emphasizes the essentials of a table: a surface for your belongings. PUT consists of a mouth-blown crystal glass and a wooden board furnished with notches on top of the body. These permit lifting the board and filling the table. You can use the slot to store magazines or other objects in its interior decorating your room!

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