Friday, June 7, 2013

The Story of Bolon - The Book

Lars and Monica

We were talking about Bolon, the Swedish company producing unique woven floors, in my previous post.
Well, to celebrate their ten-years anniversary, the third generation owners, Marie and Annica Eklund, have presented a very special book dedicated to the story behind their family business and realized by the editor Simon Mills with the beautiful black and white photos by the internationally famous photographer Tobias Regell.

“The Story of Bolon” is a flirtatious dalliance with the fine books found on the coffee tables of the fashion world. 
The book interweaves memories and historical photographs from Bolon’s early days, comprising unique collection prints and personal interviews with some of the world’s foremost creators, designers and architects; from Rosita Missoni, Jean Nouvel and Giulio Cappellini to Thomas Sandell and Gert WingĂ„rdh. 

A digital edition of the book is available here.


Marie and Annica


Marie and Annica

The Family!

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