Monday, January 13, 2014

Flaneur Society, Guide to Getting Lost

The Guide to Getting Lost is a pocket sized book which defines the concept of the Flaneur. Using the language of
the Park Service and backcountry maps, the guide aims to introduce the participant to a city without the concern of street names and directions. Inside, there are three maps which can guide the participant to a state of "being lost" thus opening up the opportunity for discovery.
The Guide can be freely downloaded here. Let's go!

Ellen Keith is a visual and interaction designer. She created the Flaneur Society in response to Walter Benjamin's book Berlin Childhood Around 1900. In it, he explores the concept of the Flaneur, one who wanders without destination. The Flaneur Society's mission is to spread the concept of the Flaneur beyond academic studies and into the general consciousness of how we think of urban spaces.
This ongoing project also lives here.

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