Tuesday, October 7, 2014

PUSH - Coffee Maker - by Mette Duedahl | Muuto, DK

The PUSH coffee maker is definitely my fave piece of the autumn collection by Muuto. The soft shell and the friendly design (+ the idea of a warm coffee in the air) make of it a perfect cosy object
for the next winter season. It's hygge!
Created by Danish designer Mette DuedahlPUSH beautifully combines different materials and structures with its brown-grey stoneware body, its transparent lid and the beech wood grip.  PUSH can be used to prepare and serve coffee, or all alone - as a modern jug for other hot or cold drinks.

Push puts a new perspective on coffee making – pushing coffee drinking to a higher level. The soft and pleasant feel of the stoneware is reflected in the rounded, smooth shape of the jug. I wanted to make a coffee press, which is both soft to look at and soft to hold. The friendly shape goes hand in hand with the warm and cozy atmosphere that a good cup of coffee provides. Push is a characteristic coffee maker with a contemporary Nordic design.” Mette Duedahl

 "Living in a world with many things, I feel a great responsibility when designing new things. It is important, that the objects I design possess the qualities to become useful and appreciated tools in the everyday life. The function is therefore essential and the use-value is crucial. I try to rid myself of fashion trends and create products with a high level of durability."

New Nordic design "to me it is about honesty and simplicitity. In the materials, in the manufacturing and in the purpose of use. And it is about moving forward, with a great awareness of where we are coming from and where we are heading to. Mette Duedahl

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